Heat Generating Plant

Steam generating plant with
front furnace burning lignite
Scotch type boilers are being utilized in the fields of Industrial-Technological steam and water generating in central heatings of buildings and cities.
The Boilers, have been manufactured since over 30 years by our company, has been reached to a steaming capacity of 20 ton/hr, 23kg/cm2 working pressure, with an efficiency of over 91% in one unit.

Radial Drilling Machine.

Scotch type boiler
During the design works and manufacturing of the fired or unfired pressure vessels, it is stictly ettended to the international rules by our Company, which are: AD Merkblatt (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Druckbehaelter), TRD (Technischen Regeln fur Dampfkessel), and rules of TS 377, Turkisch Lioyd and Ministary of public works.
Materials, needed in the boiler manufacturing are as follows; Steel sheets; according to DIN 17155, (HI) St 35-45, (HII) St 41-50, Steel tubes, according to DIN 17175, seamless tubes DIN 2448.

Corrugated furnace

Steam boiler plant
burning natural gas fuel.
Fire boxes of boilers are made in our factory, in accordance with boiler capacity, by hot forming process, as corrugated in whole lenght Fox-Morrison type.

Besides high capacity and thermal efficiency, it is also specially considered the safety working conditions,and eady maintanence of a boiler plant, in our design studies.

The first class workmanship are being applied in our manufacturing sheet cuttings are carried out by oxi-propan process, and weldings made by MIG and UP (Under Pulver) automatic machines..

According to the necessity by the relevant rules, on the Welding-Seams are applied the x-ray controls in spot or 100% and the Stress-releiving process, and weldings made by MIG and Up (Under Pulver) automatic machines.

Stress-Releiving oven.
The dished ends of boilers are bended by special forming machine and the tube holes are made by drilling machines following the blending work.All tubes are fixed to the boilers plates by  welding.

UP-Welding machine.

Insulations is applied to the boilers; in accordance with boilers capacity and working pressure, as 50-80-100 mm. thickness, with high quality rockwool, and finally covered by aluminium sheets.

Steam generating plant with
front furnace burning lignite.

Steam boiler plant
with natural gasfuel
In Scotch type steam and Hot waters boilers can be burned:
  1. Liquid fuels,
  2. Natural gases
  3. Coals:in all kind, by plain rost manually
  4. Lignite : by screw type strokers
  5. Lignite:by automatically forward mooving stroke rost
  6. Waste fuels, by water tube system combined front furnace on full automatic forward mooving stage rost.